Singapore Trip Day 4 - 9th April 2012 - You'll Never Wander Alone


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Singapore Trip Day 4 - 9th April 2012

*Day 4 at Singapore*

Last day at Singapore!
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Stop 14: Whampoa Tau Sar Piah @ Balestier

Fann was searching the best Tau Sar Piah in Singapore nearby.

According to her friends, Whampoa Tau Sar Piah is the most popular among the Singaporeans. So happen was it's very nearby to our hotel so we went that morning to buy.

What did you know? She was right, this was the best food I've ever tasted so far at Singapore! At least it makes my food journey with Singapore ended with rainbow! ^^

You can google "Whampoa Tau Sar Piah" to search for the nearby. I believe it sells everywhere :)

Bought some fishcake for my boss. 

Stop 15: Lunch at Ang Mo Kio

So I went to meet up my colleague. They took me to this place to have street food, after they heard about how I had this horrible chicken rice at Lao Pak Sa during my last visit.

And they treat me and Fann Prawn Noodles!

It was very different from Malaysia so I couldn't tell whether this is suppose to be a delicious prawn noodle. Nevertheless, it was nice for them to sacrifice their lunch time, take me and Fann out to try the good local food.

Why Singaporeans have to be so hospitality?!?

After the lunch, we took MRT to the airport.

Stop 16: Changi Airport

Having mixed feeling while I'm at the airport.

I know Singapore may not be my most favourite country (JAPAN OTW!!) but sometimes I do thing that why can't Malaysia be like Singapore, so rich, so high tech and very safety! With the increasing concern of public safety in Malaysia, I always wishes how nice if Malaysia have a very good public safety record, so I can wanderlust around.

Bye Singapore!

They had the longest.terminal to get to the gate @@


Fann bought one to try. It's really nice! 

Good bye Singapore! Despite the cloudy moments today, you've been treating me well. I'll be back again. Sometime in the future!

That's all for my Singapore post! Looking forward to my next travel again, which I've not planned anything yet lol!

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