Singapore Trip Day 3 - 8th April 2012 - You'll Never Wander Alone


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Singapore Trip Day 3 - 8th April 2012

*Day 3 at Singapore*

This is the continuous of Singapore Trip Day 1 & Day 2.

Stop 11: On the way to Hope Singapore

It was Sunday so we thought we should pay a visit to one of our HIM biggest church!
And also since we are here, so why not?

Found something special that you cannot get at Malaysia.

Bought the Dark Chocolate version. Just like my old slide phone! XD

Heard that this is very good one!

Fishing at the longkang?!? Serious??

After a few more steps and nearly got lost, here we are:

One of the biggest church at HIM global. It's actually located inside The Axis building so we got lost somewhere. Thank God we manage to find it!!

The church was originally a Cinema, bought and donated over by a very rich businessman from Hope Singapore. 

Reminds me like a mini DUMC right here.

As it was an Easter week, they came out these very stunning chip about how Jesus died on the cross, and rose again. Something different and unique!

Pray for brothers and sisters!

This is how you paid the tithes LOL.

Because it's a big church, I find it hard to spot new members if I were part of Hope Singapore. Nonetheless, this is one of the churches I don't mind serving if I happens to settle in Singapore some day, maybe or never be. 

Stop 12: Chinatown

Meeting my uni friends at Chinatown!

Being wanting to come here for so long!! I heard their CNY deco is worth to see. Too bad it was Easter day the only thing I'm seeing on that day is few red lanterns floating on top of it.

Had lunch at the chinese restaurant recommended by my uni friends. Here is a picture of dish which I find its chicken is quite salty. Can't remember what's the restaurant's name but that's the only picture I've got. 

After lunch, explore time!

Can you tell what's this for?

Awwww so cute la the bear!

I didn't manage to explore all Chinatown as I'm rushing to my next stop with Fann. However, I'm just be able to conclude that it's just another version of Petaling Street IMHO, except there were less delicious foods offer here. No offense Singapore, no offense.

Stop 13: Vivo City & Sentosa

I went to Vivo City and Sentosa on my last trip. This time is to meet up with Fann's friend, who is working at Singapore.

View of Sentosa Island from Vivo City

Star Cruise!! WOW you're really big!

Closer look

At night, there will be phoenix performance right here. This is a picture of Phoenix resting at the day LOL.

I wantttttt!

Sentosa Island Map

Paid SGD 1 to use the boardwalk. 
You can use bus / mini train to go to Sentosa. Of course, it cost much expensive than this. 

As walking is the best exercise, we humbly obey. XD

However, a walk of 15 minutes will bring you to Sentosa!

As we walk towards USS, we spotted something that caught our eyes:

WOW I didn't know we were SO famous of food until Singapore decided to have Malaysian Food Street right here!!

We were so excited to see this so we took a tour inside.

Basically they made those food store become like as if you were at Malaysia. I think it's fun and lovely, definitely a place for those Malaysians who misses home! Food wise? I don't know as I didn't get to taste of it.

However, there was one problem:

I don't think I would ever found all these stores with exact name at Malaysia.

Whoever owns Klang Bak Kut Teh at the real Klang must be making lots of bucks.

PJ  very famous for Dim Sum?!? How come I don't know one?? XD

At least I can confirm that the above mention road names do exist!

After our mini Malaysian tour, we were direct to USS:

I went to USS on my last trip. Hence, we decided not to spend another fortune to play again. However, if you have not went to USS, please do so to avoid people for asking you "Why didn't you go to USS?!?" again and again!

Just besides USS they have alot of chocolates store operate. I feel like Alice in Wonderland if you were to ask me to describe.

Even my favourite popcorn was there, too!

Hershey is giving out free chocolates leh!!

So we explore inside:

I don't mind working at this store for the rest of my life. 

M&N loves girls!

I wonder who would eat that...

So fast wanna celebrate Christmas? Hahaha.

After our chocolate explore, we walk around:

Don't know why I'm so fascinated with this Reflection.

We spotted this mini train that can take us to 4 various point. 
And it's free of charge yo!

Big letter of Sentosa! Except I should've taken it another direction lol. 

Found another Merlion which they said they claim to have five merlions all together in Singapore. YAY wishlist bucket checked!

The Merlion museum? We didn't go in there as you've to pay SGD 28.

Oh I didn't know about that!


Overfloated slurpee. It was hot so this was our savior.

Merlion Walk (More like Garden walk)

As we walk, we didn't realize we've reached to high point of the Sentosa Island!

Ok maybe not so high.

The dark has come~

The mini bus which takes tourist tour around a short distance. 
It's free so we take it and see what they can bring us!

Except you've to be prepared for being sandwiched. 

After much our sentosa explore, we headed back to Vivo and catching a bus back to our hotel.

National Geography?!? I wonder what's inside there LOL.

Grab a beef noodle as dinner which I find it nothing to shot about. 

So we back to our hotel quite early this time. Should've stay longer so I can catch that Phoenix performance lolol! Here's a picture of me making Easter gifts for my colleagues as I'm gonna meet them tomorrow.

That's all for my Day 3! Till next post.

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