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Monday, 11 April 2011

What is your plan on your birthday?

Thanks for the suggestion you guys gave me, really appreciate! ^_^ But really, I do not have any special plans on how to celebrate on my birthday.

Probably I'm just too lazy to plan. 

Furthermore, I'm not celebrating any important age like 18 or 21, so to me, it's just another day where I've to accept the reality that I'm 1 year older already.

My birthday this year was just another relaxing day. Sounds dull, but for me, wishes and message from you guys are good enough. =)

Happy Birthday to me. May this year will be an interesting and significant year to me!


  1. Happy birthday !All the best and may your dreams come true in your way ^^

  2. Thanks again Shmily for the wish. Sorry it took some time for me to reply to you. I really appreciate ^^


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