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Friday, 17 September 2010

Nice Colleague 2

Actually there are more than this kind of reason why I love my current part time job.
However, for me, good colleagues play an important role in job environment, especially for new comers. We're not super, we need each others to complete a task. When each of us take care, look after and help each others, work efficiency will be increases. Not only that, everyone will be enjoy working together, isn't that great?
When your colleagues bless you alot, you want to bless them back by working out of your best. (From Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama)

Even thought it's just part time, if salary wasn't the main factor, I don't mind taking this job forever!
Hopefully the day where I find a permanent job wouldn't come soon.... LOL (Pray hard)


  1. Good to hear you're enjoying your work and also have nice colleagues!!! =)

  2. i super dee duper agree!! colleagues are very important factors when it comes to happiness at the workplace. glad you and i both are working with very nice people :)

  3. hahaha!! yay!! that's very good sin yee!! :D :D.. i am happy for you and suzz :)

  4. thanks everyone! =D and good to heard that, suzz! =)
    Let's gambateh together!! *fighttttt ah!!*

  5. Hahaha your comic strip is SO CUTE!!! And happy to hear that you're enjoying work! :D This is at Starbucks 1U? What days are you working there? I'll come and be your "pelanggan" if I can!!! <3


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