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Monday, 14 September 2009

Purple World

Maybe purple trend has conquered all over the world.
In Melbourne, whenever I walk down the street, chatting with people, seeing any shops,
definitely there will be purple colour inside. It's just like, the whole wide world is CRAZY about purple now!
But in Malaysia, not many of my friends crazy about purple excepts crazygirl.
I remember after I entered University, suddenly there are so many purple fans pop in front of me.
Whenever I saw them crazy about purple, it reminds me of how crazygirl crazy about purple.
Probably it's sign of God wants me to feel Crazygirl will always besides me, spiritually, even though we don't meet up that often. XD

I wonder does she has any current friends fanatic about red colour or not? :P
Now me and her is so far apart away, she's at north while I'm at south.

You take care at UK k?
I will definitely miss you so much.


  1. So sweet!!! Haha. That's because Purple is the It colour for this Fall. Hehe. So there's purple everywhere. Er, don't have wor. I got 1 friend crazy over Green la. But red don't have. Maybe in Strathclyde will have. Hehe!!! I miss u too!!! U take care too!!! muah!!! =)

  2. haha!! edi and amek will be happy too in melbourne hahaha!!

    having crazy friends are wonderful, rite sin yee? hehe!! Do u know, I am actually a bit afraid thinking of graduation because it means i will be separated with my crazy friends...

    if for ur case, u were too sudden to move to australia... i even did not have time to think and say farewell to u face to face =(

    hahaha!! anyways, i am happy though because u are happy there =))

    take care

  3. Ice Princess, when you know any one of them must intro me kay? Hehehe! take care and I will miss you!!

    Suzz, I thought rainnie likes blue? @@

    Tara, erm...I tried to figure our who are you actually. Ahaha. Paiseh. But I presume you're Edi's friend.
    I'm sorry for all so sudden, but I will definitely miss my Monash's sunway friends, even though they are not here. I miss spending time with them, during lecturer, assignments etc. Sometimes I wonders how nice if they are here? Tee hee. Take care of yourself, too~ ^^


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