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Monday, 8 June 2009

Songs to share

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates.

Recently I've been preparing my exams, plus my mom had come to Australia visiting me for 9 days. So I was kinda busy accompany her around the City + study. Or you can say that I found out my interest on blogging has been reduced.

Therefore, I need new songs for me to concentrate. The songs in my Media Player are enough for me to heard zillion times. I need new songs!

I was wondering around people's blog just to find any songs that can de-stress me. To my surprise, I found one from GH's blog that has this wonderful music:

Love story meets Viva La Vida, Combination of Love Story (by Taylor Swift) and Viva La Vida (Coldplay) in piano and cell. IT'S SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been hearing this songs over and over and over again! I guess songs in instrument really makes me de-stress! I think I should hunt more instrumental-songs.

I personally love the part where they combine both songs together. It gives me the spirit to fight!!! Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *imagine myself punching infront and my eyes are burning*

The person who make this song called Jon Schmidt. He creates this combination for his little daughter. Isn't a great music he'd done?? :D

Another songs, which is "new" to be (I know I'm outdated) found from Suzz's blog:

Yaya! I seldom watch American Idol! Now only realize the No boundaries song is such a nice song! +_____________+ |||

I personally love the Adam Lambert's version! Not because of I'm truly applause by his voice (actually I do feel abit! =X) and not trying to argue here with whoever says that Adam suppose to get the title, not Kris. It's just that I love the rhythms and beats! It's definitely better than Kris's version, in my opinion!

But if you ask me in terms of who sings the best, I'm keeping my mouth shut and adding "no comment" to you. Whoever win deserve to win. I believe God wants that person to win has his/her reason behind. :)

Well, sometimes....

Another songs would be this song. I admit that it's weird to heard but I don't care. The rhythms beats are wonderful and I like it what? XD

I've also listened to Miley Cyrus's The Climb and Kelly Clarkson's I do not Hook up too! But I wait till I've been bored with the three songs above only go hunt these songs!

Anyone has great songs willing to share with me?? Much appreciate if I ended up getting good results because of your kindness!


My mom had left Australia and heading back to Malaysia today.
Suddenly I feel sudden missing today! Very uncomfortable. +______________+|||


  1. I got soooo many songs la. Taylor Swift got so so sooo mnay nice songs White Horse, You're Not Sorry, Picture to Burn, Change, Tear-drops on My Guitar... Leona Lewis also got alot!!! I Will Be (Totally in love with this song), Footprints in the Sand, A Moment Like This, Run, Take A Bow, Homeless... Haha. Got many more la but don't remember. Will email u when I write down the full list. Hehe!!!

  2. you've introduced me so many songs!
    ahahhahahhahah!!!!! *monkey eyes blink*


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