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Friday, 19 September 2008

Yu-Ai Mooncake

At 9 September 2008, the day where I know that my Internet friend is going to post laju the Yu-Ai Mooncake to me, it arrives at my door at the next day!

Finally I can have 4 mooncakes for my family, especially the design box is so attractive! (saw it from one of the blogger =D)
Plus, it has variety of taste, which is black sesame, red bean, yolk and pandan lotus
LOVE LOVE black sesame, yumpppppp~~~
Even though I've been not touching Mooncake for almost 10 years, I'm determined to try black sesame mooncake this time!!
Maybe I just don't like the taste of yolk previously? (because my family used to buy yolk mooncakes only last time)

A picture before mooncake came to my door:

picture grabbed from his blog

As you can see, my internet friend post laju the mooncake for me is relatively a big box. I was thinking how am I going to finish the possible-many-amount-of-mooncake-contain-inside-the-box. It looks big isn't it??


Actually it's this small =______________=

Enough for 4 mooncakes to occupy!
Aiks, kena tipu!
Never mind, at least it saves some place in my house
This year not many mooncakes have been received from my parents' friends.

Still don't believe how small it is?

compare it with Wan Wan's book. How bout that? 

Yaya maybe Wan Wan's book is so big! Therefore, I suggest you go search this book from popular (at the Chinese book corner) and see for yourselves.

Coincidentally, My mom just enter my room and witnessed what have I done and said:

"like that you also want to take picture ah?"

Aiyoyo Mummy dear, this is call Memorable~~~ ^^

My Internet friend had wrapped it so tightly! It took times for me to un-wrapped this thing. Actually I wanted to retain the paper nicer but...not a very patient person tho. 

The result of being so inpatient

"Since you decided to throw away the paper back, why don't you just tear it into pieces? Save your time and energy" - 8po

Aiya, pieces everywhere in my room, later my mom scold then how?

So I guess you can see how nice the design of this box from the picture above already huh?
Nice isn't it??? 

Even though it's pink in colour... the design is fascinating! (okay, maybe I'm too exaggerate?)
Now the box is in my study desk along the time. I used to play with it while doing assignment. HOHOHO
Of course, the mooncake has been thrown into the refrigerator. =D
This box is design to be usable:

get what I mean? =)

But I'm not going to use it in this way. Tak Sampai Hati maaaa
Hmm...what should I used it for this beautiful box... any suggestion? =D

PS: Ok, I ate mooncake with one of my internet friend just now. I feel dizzy and wants to vomit, I don't know why. 
Maybe I'm not suitable of eating mooncake.


  1. aH! my student gave me this for mooncake festival this year too!!! love the box lor! super unique =DD

    but i only like beng-pei mooncakes heheh, and den muz be lotus + egg yolk one =D

  2. that's good for you!! =) I don't eat mooncake but I collected alot of mooncake boxes~ =F


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