Time to change

by - 8/21/2008 04:34:00 am

Been doing assignment until 5.30am and wake up at 7am just to rush for lecture (which begins at 8am) is such a bad idea!


1) I barely open my eyes when I'm driving

2) I barely concentrate

3) I barely aware what's happen around me

4) I barely do my cell met tutorial - much distraction

5) I will be late for class

6) I just wanted to sleep

7) I hate doing assignments

8) Electricity bill will increase every month

9) My parents scold me for being burning the midnight oil too often

10) I talk nonsense, irreverent, rubbish stuff, just like what am I doing now...ORZ

I will learn how to manage my time from now on! Happy now?

*p/s: I officially hate England Football Team! How can that idiot Ferdinand be the vice-skipper of England??? BLAAARDY HELL! Grr...

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