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亲爱的潜水者,读者以及朋友们~ ^__________^

由于安儿现在处于过忙的状态,没有时间写blog (可能要到下个星期三才更新),可惜灵感不停地来,所以现在我在这里列出以后要blog的文章, 以免忘记! :P

1) tag by Minnydino
2) crazygirl 攻击我的 facebook!!!
4)关于我的 bio essay research
7)  遇见不折手段的人8)想到什么才写吧!

我这几天真的有看蚂蚁和一些朋友们的blog,只不过是我不是没时间看完,就是没时间留言,请宽恕我这个女人不会好好分配时间,导致现在要死命赶功课!! T___________T

祝我好运吧!!! 希望快快雨过天晴吧~
namo namo~(学了33 讲的话 XD)

*延续读: @______________________@!!!

[#M_English Version: I'll blog about these in the future!!!|less..| Dear my loyar readers, friends and whoever just came ^___________^

Currently Anfieldgirl is busying with her assignments (why am I here? +___________+), so MIGHT not be blogging till next wednesday. However, there are sooooooo many things I wanted to blog! Now I will list out the things I wanted to write in the future here, so that I'll not forget when I came back:

1) tag by minnydino
2) crazygirl SPAM my facebook!!!
3) My birthday celebration and wishes I received
4) about my bio essay research
5) someone hit my car recently
6) Rich is NOT everything!
7) a person who do anything in order to get what he/she wants
8) will add soon once I'd figured it out!

I'd really go to visit you guys blog (I mean you guys, really!) I know that Dansen's father had passed away, sorry to heard that! :( I didn't have the time to leave a comment, it's either I can't finish reading you guys' post, or don't have the time to leave a comment (+__________+) Sorry for that! Please forgive me for not being able to manage my time very well! >____________<

Wish me luck! I'd hope that I can finish asap so that I can have my free time back, to check with you guys! Wait for me~~~


* for those who'd missed the first part, read this: @__________________@!!!_M#]

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