Friday, 27 November 2015

Lost in Mid Valley

So this is how I got myself lost, in Mid Valley, by not reading the signboard properly.

It's been a while I've not been producing enough comic blogposts. (Sorry lo, quite number of unexpected invitations ma XD) Will try my best to balance out. I still prefer people referring me as comic blogger. =)

As for my current updates, I've been helping up on Crazygirl's upcoming wedding. With another wedding and the big project for my company coming up, it's gonna be a busy (yet fruitful) December for me!

Hopefully I can finish all those pending blog posts as soon as possible. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Grand Opening of Yamaguchi Fish Market

[This is an invitation post hence there'll be no comics for today!]

Having any plans on the upcoming 26 Nov 2015? How about heading down to Yamaguchi Fish Market @ Jalan Kampung?

Anfieldyee is delighted to be invited to the Grand opening of Yamaguchi Fish Market and the launch of Gekkeikan Sake in Malaysia. It will be held at Jalan Kampung Pandan, this Thursday 26 November 2015 at 7pm!

Besides celebrating their significant day, you get the chance to meet the Guests of Honor: Wu Chun in person! If you are a Wu Chun fan, this is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to see him.

As a Japanese Food Lover, I can't wait to see what Yamaguchi had installed for us! If you're as excited as I am, be their 10 lucky guests to attend this exclusive event by following the instructions below:

You can check on their FB for more information:

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Printcious, Precious Gifts From Your Heart

Sometimes, it's not just a cup of coffee that could make up your day, but the precious customize gift that able to put a smile on your face! 

With the upcoming Christmas, it's not a surprise to see the current malls are mobbed by Christmas shoppers, all thanks to those crazy Christmas Sales. As you already known, we Malaysians are famous for last-minute attitude. However, you can see large patron had started to form in the malls earlier of this month! Maybe Malaysians just want to make use of the good bargains?

We always buy things whenever we can find from the mall: cloths, bag, books, soft toy and other stuff. However, have you ever thought to customize your gift and transform it as Christmas present?

Introducing Printcious, Precious Gifts From Your Heart!

Printcious provides printing services on more than 200 DIY gift items such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cushions, mousepads, keychains etc with your photos and special wording which are suitable for all gift-giving occasions like birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or corporate events.

With its customize feature to suits your preference, Printcious strive to advocate the culture of gift-giving in order to foster the relationships among people.

Comes with 4 categories. Whichever kind of design is just within your hand!

I'm so excited to be given a chance to review Printcious, as I drew many comics. I'm looking forward to have my own creation comes to life in these product, which, I'll blog it in a separate blogpost. :)

So how to customize your own gift? Four simple steps!

1) Choose your preference category!
I choose mug for this demo.

2) Choose your mug's colour and begin to customise it.
Red OTW!

3) Insert your picture.
Gonna have me and hippo's face printed on the mug!

4) Once you're done, off you go by adding your item into the cart!
Can't wait for my mug to comeeee!

Very easy huh?

If you would like to know how to make full use of these customize feature, here are some samples taken from their Facebook Page:

*Special Promotion for November 2015*
All orders are subjected to 20% off until 30 November 2015, by using code NOV2015!

With Christmas just less than 2 months away, how about letting Printcious do the job to customize your gifts, for the people that you care? I'm sure everyone would love to own a customize gift.

Lets spread the season of joy among our love ones with Printcious' customize gift!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

KKBOX, 90 days of music heaven!

Lately Anfieldyee has been isolated from the world, and dwell herself pretty much into listening to unlimited (new, old, hiphop, pop, whatever kinds of) music on her handphone. She manage to find few new hit songs and has been kept listening again and again, until she forgets to update her blog, or feeding her hippo.

By the way, Lay It All On Me by Ed Sheeran is simply AMAZING! I’m madly in love with him now. He’s my new found love!! *scream*

Back to the topic: Music has been one of my many ways to release stress and tension. I believe it applies to everyone. I mean, who doesn’t like to listen to hippy, catchy songs, especially those that sing right through your heart? I will always seek the chance to listen my favourite musics whenever I’m under stress at my old working place. Personally I think music’s a good therapeutic way to forget all the tension you’re under just for a second. I’ll never forget those days where I got to listen to music on my laptop, without having to face your boss that nags you a lot!

As such, I’m writing this blogspot is to introduce an app I’ve recently discovered. If you’re a music lover, seeking for new hit songs, wanting to listen to music at anywhere, you probably would love to hear this:

Introducing KKBOX, Asia's leading music streaming service. Established in 2004 by a group of Taiwanese software programmers, whom share the same passion for technology and music. With the support from more than 500 international major and local independent music labels, KKBOX features 20 million legal tracks, including the most comprehensive Asia-Pop music library, and is currently available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with over 10 million users.

I’m trying their apps. Notice how high it’s ranking from the user!

This is how it looks like from the app: Simple and easy to navigate. It doesn’t take me long enough to figure out where to find my favourite songs.

You can download the songs (using WiFi/data) and store it in your library, so you’ll get to listen to your songs when you offline.

Listening to One Direction’s: Perfect, with its lyrics. :)

So why should you get KKBOX? And what can you benefit from it?

Listen to more than 20 million songs featuring a diverse mix of International, Malay, Chinese, Korean and Japanese songs.

Access your music collection via your Smartphone, Tablet and PC. Playlist are synced across devices, anytime, anywhere.

Get closer to your favorite artists. Enjoy listening to what they’re listening to and chat with them at the same time.

Connect to Facebook & Twitter and share your favourite songs & playlists with your friends.

Sing along with rolling lyrics and throw spontaneous karaoke parties everywhere you go.

There are actually many more, but I’ll let you to discover it by yourself. :)

And most importantly:

KKBOX is having a YEAR END SALE! Upon using their service from today onwards until 31st December 2015, you’re entitled to free 90 days of unlimited music! It’s like having an ipod in your phone for the next 90 days! Great deal isn’t it?

So music lovers, whatcha waiting for? Go download now!

Click on this link to download KKBOX into your PC. Alternatively, you can download the apps via Google playstore or IOS.

To entitle for 90 days free, you need to fulfill the above conditions. I believe their conditions aren’t that hard for you, right? :)

For more information, you can visit their following official page:

KKBOX website:
KKBOX Youtube channel:

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Harry Potter & World Cup Fever: “The Mini Exhibition”

Are you fancy about Harry Potter, a football freak, or both? If either one defines you, here’s great news you might want to know:

Private Collector Club (PCC) proudly presents, Mini Exhibition: “Harry Potter & World Cup Fever”, which takes us into the wizardry world of Harry Potter and the latest FIFA World Cup fever of 2014. In collaboration with Melaka Planetarium, MOSTI & the Malacca State Government for the ‘Hari Sains dan Inovasi Negeri Melaka 2015’, the exhibition will be held as below:

Title: Harry Potter & World Cup Fever: “The Mini Exhibition”
Date & Time: 14 – 15 November 2015, 10am to 8pm
Ticket: RM 66 (adult), RM 44 (children)
Venue: Melaka Planetarium (Adventure Science Centre) Kompleks MITC
                  Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh, Malacca

Private Collector Club is an Exclusive Platform, whereby under this banner we have 2 of the most identifiable platform of Hollywood and Football in the entertainment industry. Through the exclusive platform of Hollywood Malaysia Flash Museum (HMFM) and United Soccer Fandom Malaysia (USFM), PCC will be providing a rare glimpse of rarely seen Hollywood Movies Memorabilia and high-end football memorabilia.

For Hollywood movies fans, ‘potterhead' to be exact, we will be exhibiting memorabilia and props from the loveable Harry Potter Movie series and for the first time, we will also be exhibiting an exclusive memorabilia of ‘he who must not be named’, Lord Voldemort. For football fans, memorabilia’s from the winning team of World Cup 2014, Germany, a full squad hand signed jersey, as well as the winners medal and also the World Cup Trophy will be exhibited.

The 2-day mini exhibition will also have activities such as character walk-about and picture taking, win Hollywood movie gift pack and also a lucky guest will walk away with an Exclusive Full Squad Hand Signed Bayern Munich Home Jersey for lucky draw contest.

Apart from that, there will be a retail section where we will retail Exclusive HMFM & USFM merchandise.

Tickets are priced RM 66 for adults and RM44 for children.
However, there's a special promo price for the fans: By SMS your details - Name, Hp no., number of tickets and date of visit to 011-3975 0628, you can get at RM 40 (for adult / children) each ticket!

This could be your life-time opportunity to be so close to your favourite rare memorabilia. Don't miss it!

Hope to see you in Malacca this weekend!

For more information on PCC, please visit our social media site on Instagram and Facebook at Private Collector Club for more information, giveaways, lucky draw and activities.