Sunday, 31 August 2014

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Negaraku~ Tanah Tumpah-nya darah ku~

Happy birthday, Malaysia! It has been one tough year ahead, account of two najor incidents and much more. However, these incidents unite us, regardless of what races and religions we are. I believe this is what the late PM'd like to see - One Nation! Although we are in the midst of sailing through storms, there will always be a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. I pray to God that He will bless Malaysia abundantly in the many years ahead!


Some videos / photos to share that caught my eyes these past few weeks. You never see this outside Malaysia. This is what makes us truly Malaysia. :)

From Maxis. Hipo definitely can relate this! :P

What makes us the truly Malaysian.

This is whyyyyyyy I love them! #YNWA

Our country may not be perfect. But these are the little things that enough to put a smile on our face.
Let us maintain this little things we have! Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan, Malaysian!

PS: I am proud to finish my project this year. Thanks for those who like it! ^^

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Little Things In Malaysia - Week 4

The final week is here!! Here comes our long-waited LONGGGG holiday!
*Imma gonna sleep gao gao!!*

Was it just me or what, I feel that this year's Merdeka spirit is even higher than it used to be. Probably the 2 big incidents that impact us to stay unite together.

Aniwayz, here's the week 4 of mah Little Things In Malaysia project!

You can find them everywhere at Eastern Malaysia, namely Sabah and Sawarak!

Things that Malaysians love to do (especially during hot days!)

Keep calm, and just chill!

Can we serve you a mountain of fruits?

Boss, brother, macha, doesn't matter, we are one family!

Don't know where do these fellar come from!

Do you love me?

Well, one month of this project is finally comes to the end! Imma proud that I manage to get it done just in time, despite the little time I've. *Grateful Tears*

Till then, long weekend awaits me! What are you going to do? :)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Little Things In Malaysia - Week 3

Week 3 of Little Things In Malaysia already! (Time flies) One more week to go till we celebrate the most important date of the year - The Holiday Merdeka day!

Our nation's pride! Where else you can find place where good foods are everywhere?

Sorry Hipo, our english memang very rojak one! ^_^

Even Hipo LOVES our KFC!

Some times, most of the time, we have to give them face.

Dear Aircon, how do I liveeeeeeee without you?

22nd August 2014, the day we mourn as one nation!

Trust me, you'll find the world's tallest corn right here!


Friday, 22 August 2014

Together, we mourn as One Nation

On this day 22nd August 2014, the first batch of 22 victim's bodies of MH 17 has finally arrive home, after being detained at the foreign country for 36 days.

We have one minutes of silence followed by witnessing the bodies being carried away to their respective homes.

It was a sad, teary day. But everything went well. It was great to see all nations unite together to join this Nation Day of Mourn.

Most importantly, at last, they are finally back home. Home with pride!

RIP MH17! You will not be forgotten in the hearts of every Malaysians. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Loudest Cheer In Town

This will happen whenever there's big football matches at any hour.

Actually this happens during the World Cup time lah. (Took it a while to only realize that I haven't blog it out  -_-) It was a big showdown between two big teams. One of them scores the winning goal anyway.

The reason why I blog this out, simply because I do believe this kind of cheer will be back soon. That's because our very dear best friend: Premier League is BACK!!!

Couldn't find a better picture as it is just a beginning!

That's right, Malaysian's most favourite football league is here! The war discussion about who-is-gonna-win-the-league saga is back again!

Maybe it will not be as loud as how you'd experienced it during the World Cup month but definitely you will hear some cheerings coming along. So if you still hear those GOAL! sounds at the WEEEE hour, more than enough to interrupt your beauty sleep, do have mercy on them lah... After all, they are supporting their favourite club! :)

And who am I going to support this season? Why that's a silly question! Of course you would know who am I going to support, right?!? :D

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Little Things in Malaysia - Week 2

Hello Hello!! so fast it's week 2 already!

Didn't manage to update any stuff right here in this past week, as I've some stuff to attain to. Thank God I am still hanging on to complete another week of my "Little Things in Malaysia" project.

Despite I've to squeeze out all the brain juice I've got.

So, here's my week 2's summary:

Perhaps some countries do practice this, so does Malaysia. (Only some places lah)

Which is why sampahs are everywhere~

Which is also why Malaysians do not trust the signboard very much! know what people say: Better late than never!

No matter how hard to open it up and how it labelled as "gasoline" smell!

So don't waste an hour of yours on Public Transport next time! :)

Ok lah... at least we must thank God for that we still have internet access here, right?!

For daily updates, you can catch up on my Instagram account. =)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Little Things In Malaysia - Week 1

So as you may or may not know, I've continued my loooong abandon project - Little Things In Malaysia, which suppose to do it last year by daily basis but I guess my motivation wasn't strong enough back then.

I am entering into week 1, so far so good except there are 4 more weeks left till the Merdeka Day. Below are the summary of my week 1 end products. You can catch up the daily comic basis via Instagram / FB.

Can compete with Desert already.

Which is why we never trust our very own Weather Forecast

Because it's rare to have different race lives harmony in a country.
At least must list out one good point so that I will not get caught and put behind the bar.

You barely can survive here with knowing just one language. 

Maybe you should argue this with CNN?

Especially on BIG festivals like CNY, Hari Raya, Merdeka... Wait! NAO IS MERDEKA MONTH RITE?? *eyes blink*

Sorry folks, Malaysia memang got lots of Public Holiday! ^_^

For no particular, whatsoever, God-knows-why reason.
(Why lah give back my aircon~!!)

Can't think of any day where Malaysia can be traffic-jamless.

That's all for week 1! Week 2 will be updated on the next Sunday! #NoBrokenPromises

Of course, if you cannot just wait for another week, here's my Instagram / FB =)
(Which I am truly flattened that if you cannot wait for another week ^_^)

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Some times my brain can be so unexplainable, that I tend to forget things easily. It causes me to do unnecessary works at the end of the day to fix things up.

This incident happens when I was about to go out meeting my friends. You know, girls tend to carry lots of items with them what...

Monday, 4 August 2014

Making Ketupat 2

Continue from Making Ketupat.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So years down the road I was once obsessed with this blogskin:

I felt in love at the first sight. Can't explain why. What's more this ain't a RED template. (Red freak here)

Years passes by so quickly that blogger has changed much ever since, where we do not required to crack our head squeeze out much brain juice to modify the CSS so much to get a nicer view of our blog. Hence, the traditions of downloading blogskins template and applied at blogger has just go down the drain.

While I was brainstorming on what blog template should I made for our upcoming Merdeka, out of sudden I was reminded that I used to love this blogskin so much. And since its background image reminds me much our Jalur Gemilang much. So I thought, why not I try to revive it this time? *Challenge Accept*

After days and nights + burning the midnight oils of modifications on the blogger's CSS (It was WAYYYYYYYYYY much difficult as compare to last time), testing and complaining how horrible blogger's template are right now, finally, just FINALLY, I've came out my desire result:

Naise or Not?!? :D :D

  1. The red jalur germilang as my blog's background. I think it looks ticker, maybe I will find some times to make it thinner.
  2. 3 races admiring our nation flag, with the hippo waving it as the banner. I topped the rainbow in it simply because we've gone through so much disaster this year (MH370..MH17..water crisis..haze crisis..GST..*ops*). Although we are now going through the storm, once the storms is over there will always be a rainbow appears.  
  3. Columns in black border line. Erm, I can't be making it in blue right?

For a person who was not graduated from IT/Computer Science, I'd say I did a great job. *Let Me Self-Syiok for a while lah*


Exactly one year ago, I was doing this "Little Things In Malaysia" project in my instagram and blog. I was suppose to post every little things we can find in Malaysia for the next 31 days right until our Hari Merdeka (falls on 31 August):

Obviously, it fail half way as I was too lazy copped up in my work and didn't have time to update on daily basis. (with serious tone)

This is the overall project I attempt to do:

The "Little Things In Malaysia" Project

One year has passed so quickly! In just a month later, we, as a Malaysian, are going to celebrate the most important date of the year - Hari Kemerdekaan! (namely Malaysia's Independent Day)

In conjuction with our very own independent day, starting from 1st August till 31st August Anfieldyee will be posting the little things that makes Malaysia unique on daily basis. It can be little things that we should appreciate, things we cannot find anywhere or things that makes Malaysia an unique place.

You can catch up on my instagram & facebook as it will be updated by daily basis. All of them will be sum up and appears in my blog on weekly basis.

I think what makes Malaysia a truly unique country lies on this little things that we should be proud of. It could not be found anywhere in this world! Do you know what is it? ;)

Ok lah maybe the introduction is not oh-so-excite-ish, but enough for you to understand what I attempt to do right? :D

I feel that this year is the right time, and has this feeling that I want to accomplish it! Which, in the other words, I've kept myself SUPER busy for the next 31 days liao LOL.

(Mom would be screaming here and there for staring at the PC 24/7/365)

I would love your support on this. I think we as Malaysian are ought to show our dear Malaysia what it should be! =)