Thursday, 26 February 2015

Today is Firecracker Day!

Firecrackers everywhere~~

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Top 5 CNY's Frequent Ask Questions!

This comic had been illustrated by other comic bloggers but Imma just wanting to join the crowd so here is it! XD

Today mark the 7th day of CNY. How many FAQs you have encountered so far? =)

Top 5 CNY's FAQs of all time! 

Ok la I know they wanna find a topic to chat with you so they just pop up these general questions to you.

I personally don't really enjoy being asked. Well, some genuinely care for you so they ask, but most of the people I met just have this on mind to mind the other person's business and attempt to add salt into your wound in order to make him/herself look more better! (You get what I mean?) Questions like "What are you working as??" "What work is that??" "You study this but work that??" "Got boyfriend or not??" "Why are you so picky one??" "There are NO good guys in this world already la!" literally drives me crazy! I rest my case.

(By this you probably get an idea which questions I get to ask most of the time!)

When I was young, I used to looking forward to balik kampung, on every single CNY so much! I remember I would ask permission from my parents whether I can follow my uncles so that I can have one more extra day to stay at Kampung. (We always arrive at the kampung the last, and one of the fastest to leave lol) Just because as a kid, all we parents worried about is whether you did well at school! I just need to fulfill my duty as kid back then: being a nice kid, respect the elderlys (call them the moment I meet them), play with the cousies and receive more angpaos! XD

But now I've to drag my whole parts of body, find a 100000000++++ reasons why to go back, to follow my Dad back, thinking and plotting on what kind of answers I should give when le relatives ask me.

Anyway, I still enjoy the fellow shipping time with them. After all, they are still our relatives that we ought to care bit, right?

By the way, the above comic doesn't illustrate my current life entirely. It's just a general concept based on my fruitful research. I am still Single and erm... well, you know lol.

PS: My friend said this should apply to ALL kinds of festival in Malaysia, which I find it very true LOL. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Happy Goat Luck Year!

Happy Chinese New year!!

Hellu everybody, I'm beckkk in PJ!!

Sorry I've been busy with CNY stuff, that I didn't manage to create this piece of artwork just in time. Pardon for my lazyness lateness! ^^"

Actually I'm not sure what I am busy for, just knowing that I've to help mom some house cores, play with the cuzzies who rampas my phone most of the time, chatting with the relatives back at Dad's kampung. And also do what every chinese will do on CNY - eat and ZZZ lol. 

Another reason is I didn't bring along PC with me. 

Anyway, some updates on my CNY!

This year I had a little bit different of CNY. I honestly believe the suayness brought from the horse year has not given up on me till its last day of service: we have no water, no electricity in my Grandma's house just right before the 1st day of CNY. O__O||| Thankfully, everything went well during the 1st day of CNY - got water, got electricity, WIFI in my Dad's kampung house works well and most importantly, FOOD!!! We are able to carry out the usual CNY activities. Thanks to my relatives, I had much fun in welcoming the Goat Year. (As you can see from my instagram XD)

There is nothing much happening on the 2nd day of CNY. Initially plan to go down to Ipoh / Sitiawan / Penang with le family but it was cancelled due to the sky-rocket transport fare. Since most of my friends weren't back here yet, maybe I just sleep at home for these two whole days? XD

Or update some outdated blogpost like what am I doing now?

But still, so far so good the Goat Year that has been treated me very well. Hopefully it will continue to the rest of my Goat Year! I've got a feeling that it'll be a good Goat Year for me! ^^

That's all for my Goat post! Before signing off, here I'd like to wish everybody:

Translate: Good Luck comes to your way!

Translate: Everyday is a Happy day!

Translate: Money money come!

Translate: Lot's of blessing!
(Pardon for Hippo's shock-ness face! XD)

Happy Goat Luck Year!!

and Angpao mari please!!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Monday Chaos

This post shows that I miss my weekend so much!

And yes, it's a #TrueStory.
Now you know why I tend to be a liiiiiiiitle late coming to work at every Monday morning eh? (Ops)

People have Monday Blues, while I have Monday Chaos! *WAKAKA*

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Which is why boys tend to follow girls, so that they can control their time and spendings.

Kidding lah. The reason why is because we girls want to look the best for ourselves. Which is why the amount of time we shop is humongously larger than the guys!

This teach us to find the BEST bargains ok? #boysstandaside!

Let aside, I am very sad over Anwar's case this evening. Frankly speaking, I feel a sudden hopeless towards my beloved country's future lie ahead.

But I shall never give up praying and hopping for a better Malaysia. May God bless Malaysia! 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Petrol Price

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Sally's true identity!



*In OMGing mode*

Anyone else have the same thought as Tyma?


Some thing happens last week that I got a fight with friends, which is why I am out of blogging for a while.
I am fine now, just need some time to cool myself down.

Probably will share it in my blog one day!
Or maybe not...

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

So in total I watched only ONE movie in my two movie trips of 2015, which is as per title of this post! *SOBS*

Ok la, at least Night at the Museum is a nice movie to watch it for twice.
And also a good reason for me to blog it out! ^^

(I seldom blog about movie review. If the movie is nothing but a mundane, boring, inspire-less or just-another-movie, I'd rather take my blogging time to sleep draw then.)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

What do I think about this movie?

I only get to know that this will be the final series of "Night at the Museum" after Google about it! -_- Some more I didn't even know that there is a Part 2 LOL!

Despite having most of the time laughing, the series this time has letting me down a little. The story line is kinda predictable but I don't really like its ending! :(

What have you learn?

Overall, a lovely and laughable movie to watch that taught me how valuable a true friendship can be. That ending part, which is about the time comes where the exhibits accept their fate, reminds me much on how important to spend more time with my family and friends. No matter how wonderful a journey can be, everything must come to the end. Even if everything has ended, the only thing that won't take away from you is memory! :)

Rating and further comment of this movie?

My rating: 7/10 - Predictable plot, but worth spend the money to watch.
Of our of 3 series, I prefer the part 2, which I've watched it twice. Amelia Earhart is simply amazing!!

That's all I'm gonna say! I'll definitely miss watching Night at the Museum, not because I'm a history freak  but really, I just love the movie!