Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

So in total I watched only ONE movie in my two movie trips of 2015, which is as per title of this post! *SOBS*

Ok la, at least Night at the Museum is a nice movie to watch it for twice.
And also a good reason for me to blog it out! ^^

(I seldom blog about movie review. If the movie is nothing but a mundane, boring, inspire-less or just-another-movie, I'd rather take my blogging time to sleep draw then.)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

What do I think about this movie?

I only get to know that this will be the final series of "Night at the Museum" after Google about it! -_- Some more I didn't even know that there is a Part 2 LOL!

Despite having most of the time laughing, the series this time has letting me down a little. The story line is kinda predictable but I don't really like its ending! :(

What have you learn?

Overall, a lovely and laughable movie to watch that taught me how valuable a true friendship can be. That ending part, which is about the time comes where the exhibits accept their fate, reminds me much on how important to spend more time with my family and friends. No matter how wonderful a journey can be, everything must come to the end. Even if everything has ended, the only thing that won't take away from you is memory! :)

Rating and further comment of this movie?

My rating: 7/10 - Predictable plot, but worth spend the money to watch.
Of our of 3 series, I prefer the part 2, which I've watched it twice. Amelia Earhart is simply amazing!!

That's all I'm gonna say! I'll definitely miss watching Night at the Museum, not because I'm a history freak  but really, I just love the movie! 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Keep Eating On

Monday, 19 January 2015


After being 6 months of exercise-less due to reason 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, just as I thought I had the (so-called) great determination and motivation to start my work out, the Mr Rain decided to come and visit me. T____T

Could this be: Right place (got heart to jog), Wrong Time? (Now is raining season in Malaysia)

T____T Don't like that la! I don't want ended up looking so fat on my Company's Annual Dinner! T___T

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Passion Fruit

Perhaps the only person in the world who doesn't know how to differentiate between Passion & Dragon Fruit!

Source: Google

Don't ask me why, I've no idea why I tend to mix both of these fruits! (seeing both look differently with each other)

Monday, 12 January 2015


I saw this from Demi Lovato's instagram, and thought that it looks cool. So I made one for myself lol!

For me, I choose health and happiness to colour my 2015. The reason is very simple - I didn't manage to achieve these two over last year. I always thought I've acquaint both of these for my entire life. My body is so healthy that I don't fell sick easily. I've surrounded by people that I loved and got what I needed at least. However, the last year and last last year, it just prove me wrong.

This year, with great determination & motivation, I am determine to get it back! Even if I fail half way, at least I've this blog post to prove that I made such resolution, so you guys can slap me if I attempt to give up!

With Goals, of course must come with action:

1) Health
- Jogging every day (30 minutes at least)
- Eat Clean (Well, I try la hor. Very hard to achieve this especially if you want to maintain a food blog +_+)
- Sleep early (Not gonna be an owl anymoreeee *Determine*)
- Watch my food diet (I was being told to keep a food diary, how about that? :D)

2) Happiness
- Think about what I've have, the people that love & care about me (The highest motivation for me to move on! ^^)
- Create my own "Happiness Project" (Something like #100HappyDays? Coming soon coming soon)
- Hobbiessss (Drawing, Blogging, Food Hunting, Gossiping etc)
- Do what makes you happy! (Make sure I don't do it too over)
- Come back to God more (Only God can give me the Joy)

So, what is your #color2015? =)

Monday, 5 January 2015

Best Place to Count Down!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Throwing Away 2014

This is exactly how I feel - to throw away 2014 so badly!

Not that I hate 2014 very much, it has been a mixture of ups and downs year. There are lot's of significant things happen at 2014 which honestly I don't really want it to happen again lol. #GoodbyeForever2014!

However, it's also a year where I get to know myself even better.  I also learn that there are actually many people who really cares about me, reminds me of I shoulda get out of living in my own thinking world ASAP!

I wish I'll have my own rainbow form at 2015. Nevertheless, God's timing is always perfect! In the meantime while waiting for the PURRFECT timing, I promise myself to live life to the fullest! Be grateful in all kinds of circumstances. Life is actually has its beauty.

Brand new year, brand new starts. Whatever happens in the past, it has become a history.
Wishing everybody here Happy New Year~!! May your dreams come true this year.

As for my new year resolution, it literally slip away from my mind lol! Sorry people, I guess that's because most of my 2014 resolutions didn't happen hence I don't have faith on making resolution. ^_^"

(Fast Forward)

Okok! I write my resolution then. See whether I will achieve it this year?

*~ Anfieldyee's New Year 2015 Resolutions ~*

#1 Exercise - Man, I'm getting rounder and rounder. I need to work out on this!
#2 Clean Eating - Time to cut down fast, fried, salty and oily foods, girl!
#3 Blog more - 1 post for 2 days, challenge accepted!
#4 Be Happy - Y.O.L.O.!
#5 Draw near closer to God - Dear Lord, guard my heart...
#6 Fulfilling my wishes bits by bits - BRING IT ON 2015!

Yes 2015, I.AM.RE-ADY! Come to mamaaaaa!

PS: LOL it doesn't seems I've a good start... Liverpool didn't win their first game of 2015 and my all-time favourite player Steven Gerrard had decided to leave Liverpool at the end of this season... Saddest day ever as LFC fans... T_______T #HAO???

Wednesday, 31 December 2014


What a way to end the 2014. My heart definitely bleeds for those family and relatives who are involved.

No words can express how sorry I am to those relatives involved. They must have been going through awful painful time right now. To waited anxiously for their return but hopes dashed away at the end.

Pray for them that they will overcome this tragedy with strong heart. Stay strong, the families involved! Our prayers are with you!

It's been a catastrophic year for Malaysia. May God bless Malaysia in 2015. 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Third Time Shock

I read the news this morning with utter shock and surprise. No words can describe how I feel upon this news. Just like many of us feared: when there is second time, there'll be a third time. Why third? Why must not be first, second?

Although this incident does not happen inside Malaysia's airspace, AirAsia is founded and operated by Malaysia. So you can say that, this year's Malaysia's Aviation industry very suay to the max!

Just we'd experience two major lost - MH370MH17 (some more it's huge number of lost), Haze, international old price dropped, RM dropped, floods at Pantai Timur, list goes on and now, THIS?!?!?! Man....what really, EXACTLY happen to my country?!?!?!

Can't believe I'll be saying this another time..

It's surreal to know this news. Just I've had a chat with my friends upon our SUAY-ness incidents happened this year yesterday. And just this morning at my Church, we did mention abit about only God knows where is MH370. I came back from Church -> receive watsapp message from my colleague> disbelief upon what she shared to me -> thought that this is just another prank link circulate in the internet -> scroll to AirAsia's twitter -> STILL disbelief even though it's supported with BBC's official website link.

Anyway, I told this to my parents and sister. All of them also disbelief until they are convinced after watching the news from TV. Looks like I am not only the awkward one who disbelieve upon BBC's website news at the first place.

It seems impossible, but miracles do happen! Lets gather our hands together to pray for QZ8501! #PrayForQZ8501
And also not forget what is happening at the other side of Malaysia. #PrayForPantaiTimur

Dear Father, it's one hard year for the Malaysia, to face so many tragedies within a year. I pray and ask for your protection in this country, in the Name of Jesus! Let your love be with them, in the midst of hard times. Let your grace comfort them, in the midst of their lowest point.

PS: My mom ask me to go sleep early but I can't! My mind is thinking on QZ8501. :(